At Thinking Dogs, the goals of the in-home visit/s are determined in the first session,
whether for basic training or behavior modification.

Family participation is encouraged so that every member of your household has an
opportunity to learn how to receive compliance and build an enjoyable, enduring relationship
with your companion animal using effective positive techniques.

Behavior problems are addressed within the normal visit structure. Each treatment plan is
individualized and number of sessions recommended.

Travel is included within a 30-minute travel time. Travel requiring over 30 minutes will result
in an additional charge.
Melissa Johnson is the owner of
Thinking Dogs. She holds a Ph.D. in
Counseling and School Psychology
with a background and training in
behavior and systems theory.

Her years of interest in companion
animal training and behavior change
has resulted in Thinking Dogs.

Melissa is a member of The
Association of Pet Dog Trainers and
The Texas Association for Behavior